The phenomenal growth in electronics has been aided by technological advances in the areas of miniaturization, cost reduction and improved reliability in electronic components. Both passive and active components have changed dramatically as manufacturers are challenged by new and more stringent requirements.

The aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a passive component which has kept pace with the advancements in technology. This type of capacitor has traditionally been used for filtering, timing networks, by-pass, coupling and other applications requiring a cost effective, volumetrically efficient and highly reliable component.

Nippon Chemi-Con, parent company of United Chemi-Con, is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and has pioneered the development of raw material processing techniques and highly automated production systems. The product improvements resulting from these innovations have dramatically improved circuit design flexibility and led to many new applications for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

United Chemi-Con is presenting these technical notes in order to help explain some fundamentals of aluminum electrolytic technology. We hope this will contribute to the effective and efficient use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in your design applications.